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The Affiliate Program from Performance Support Systems, Inc. makes it possible to add significant revenue to your bottom line.

There’s NO MINIMUM SALES VOLUME; however, you must first purchase either Strong for Performance ($795) or Surveys for Small Business ($897) in order to qualify to become an affiliate.

After you join our program, you may market any of the products listed below through the PSS Affiliate program.

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ProStar Coach

ProStar Coach is the ultimate virtual coaching system for personal and professional development.

  • Unprecedented web technology
  • Delivers content and learning processes for long-term reinforcement
  • Combines virtual coaching with real coaching from others
  • Helps people get better, faster results

There are 7 versions of ProStar Coach to reach different audiences...

Strong for Performance – leaders and employees

Strong for Families – family therapists, parent coaches

Strong for Life – teens

Strong for Parenting – parents

Strong for Mentoring Students – teachers

Strong for Mentoring Athletes – athletic coaches

Strong for Mentoring Youth – youth program staff

Surveys for Small Business -

Surveys for Small Business is a customizable survey tool that makes it easy for you to find out what your customers and employees need. This software gives you a cost-effective way to discover information critical to your business success.

  • Customizable survey tool
  • Survey templates makes it easy to find out what customers and employees need

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BEFORE you join:

1. Read the PSS Affiliate Agreement. It outlines the 2-tier compensation plan and describes the terms and conditions of your participation in the program.

2. Purchase either Strong for Performance ($795) or Surveys for Small Business ($897) in order to qualify to become an affiliate.

3. Sign up for a free PERSONAL PayPal account (, if you don't already have one. Use your PayPal email address when completing the form below. We pay all affiliate commissions through PayPal because it's one of the best and most secure ways to receive online payments. You can transfer your payments to your checking account with just a few clicks.

4. Complete the form below.

AFTER your application has been received:

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